Synentec provide the most versatile cell imagers on the market. The instruments all have the option of full fluorescence capability.

Applications range from single cell cloning, apoptosis studies, through to transfection efficiency, toxicity studies and ultra-high throughput cell counting with viability. The instruments are compatible with a wide range of SBS format plate types and have a built in automation interface enabling integration into CLD platforms. Data analysis is via SYNENTEC’s inbuilt powerful image processing tools which gather robust data and are simple to use with a variety of configurable data export options.

The new scientific range of instruments (NyONE & Cellavista 4) are specifically targeted at cancer research and drug discovery applications bringing both high content and high throughput applications to your lab at an affordable price point. The 16bit sCMOS camera platform offers exceptional image quality/sensitivity whilst the harmonic motor drives for plate handling are optimised to minimise disturbance to your cells resulting in wonderfully clear images. 

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