SYNENTEC Cellavista 4

CELLAVISTA is your answer for imaging and analysis in ultra-high throughput – it is the fastest imager on the market. It non-invasively measures brightfield and fluorescence assays in a wide variety of SBS plate types. With built in API enabling simple integration into automation platforms, CELLAVISTA can perform an extensive range of cellular applications in cell line development, cellular research and drug discovery.

Applications include:

  • Single Cell Cloning (SCC)
  • Fluorescence Activated SCC (FASCC)
  • Confluence monitoring
  • Transfection Efficiency
  • Cell Counting/viability
  • Antibody Quantification & glycan analysis – PAIA
  • Cell Apoptosis Monitoring
  • Virus Quantification
  • iPS Cell Monitoring
  • Viral Transduction
  • Toxicity Studies
  • Wound Healing assays

Feature advantages of the CELLAVISTA:

  • Harmonic motion for imaging without agitation of cells during scanning
  • Ultrafast multiplex imaging
  • Highly sensitive optics for perfect resolution
  • HCS-grade lenses
  • Up to 5 different magnifications
  • Available in brightfield and with 6 fluorescence channels
  • 3 times more sensitive florescence module for shorter exposure times
  • Faster measurements and less photobleaching than ever before
  • Autofocus performance twice as fast as in previous models
  • Customisable data and image export function for report creation, documentation and regulatory approval

There are two variations of the CELLAVISTA:


Featuring high-sensitivity 16-bit sCMOS cameras combined with high numerical aperture objectives, the SCIENTIFIC instrument series achieve better resolution in a higher contrast and allow for better detection of weak fluorescent signals. Specifically designed for cancer research and drug discovery applications, the CELLAVISTA SCIENTIFIC achieves remarkable high content imaging in ultra-high throughput.

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4K Line

The first automated 4K cell imager series with high throughput and configurable resolution settings. Originally launched in 2007, the Cellavista has been continuously developed and is now more powerful than ever. The system is designed for seamless integration into automation platforms and can be easily linked to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers (see SYNENTEC’s SYBOT-1000). Coupled with highly sensitive optics for unmatched resolution, the CELLAVISTA 4K is essential for single cell cloning workflows as well as many other high throughput applications.

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High content screening using 4K resolution

This image of A549 cells impressively demonstrates the capabilities of SYNENTEC’s CELLAVISTA 4K imager. The actin filaments can be recognized with impressive high definition.

Ellen’s take on this product


Ellen Harrington
Technical Sales Specialist

Versatile: Time saved by automation combined with precision optics and a wide range of applications make these imagers an integral part of any CLD workflow. Both extremely robust, the Cellavista offers higher throughput and is perfect for automated environments, while the smaller NyONE is ideal for medium-throughput laboratories with limited bench space. An extensive range of applications within Cell Line Development, Vaccine Research, Drug Discovery, Cancer Research, Stem Cell Studies and others makes these imagers the ultimate cell culture instrument.

Innovative: SYNENTEC are constantly developing new applications to meet the needs of customers. Technical assistance provided by the SYNENTEC team as well as local applications training means the user is supported from day 1.

Did you know?
For customers working with electronic records and signatures or in cGMP environments, SYNENTEC have developed YT AUDIT SOFTWARE, a validation software which meets requirements for 21 CFR part 11 compliant imaging and analysis.

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    SYNENTEC’s team of engineers, software developers and biologists have combined their knowledge to develop automated, high throughput cell culture microscopes and fast, easy to use image analysis software. They continuously develop and perfect the imaging systems and work with customers to create bespoke applications to meet their individual cell imaging and analysis needs.

    SYNENTEC provide the most versatile cell imagers on the market.