Constant Systems cell disruptors are known for their reliability, reproducibility, efficacy and consistency in high pressure cell disruption. Lauded for being “extremely easy to use”1 and “can deliver a heavy and uninterrupted cell lysis”2, this technology has set the standard in the field, distinguishing Constant Systems as a leader in the industry.

Constant Systems products

Constant Systems cell disruptors deliver a constant pressure giving 99% cell disruption with one pass. 

The cell disruptors use high pressure for cell lysis processes, combined with their unique hydraulic design and control system. This innovative approach ensures a consistent process, enabling both upward and downward scalability for projects. 

The range offers scalable solutions for highly efficient cell lysis, from 0.5mL single sample processing to 150L/hour continuous fluid processing. Utilised by leading academic, research, and industrial facilities worldwide, Constant Systems products are instrumental in processing a wide array of expression systems, from common ones like E. coli and S. cerevisiae to more resilient organisms like P. pastoris, S. aureus, and L. lactis.


Emma Craughan
Head of Sales

    The Process

    The process encompasses several key steps:

    • Instantaneous High Pressure: Samples are momentarily subjected to high pressure, rapidly escalating from ambient to the set pressure.
    • Shear Stresses: As the sample moves across the fixed orifice geometry, it encounters significant shear stresses.
    • Acceleration: The sample accelerates through the orifice at speeds up to 650 metres per second.
    • Depressurisation: After exiting the orifice, the sample quickly returns to ambient pressure.
    • Impact: In less than a second from the process’s start, the sample collides with a cooled heat exchange surface, potentially as low as -15°C.

    Being able to accurately control the process pressure sets these cell disruptors apart. Unlike other high-pressure processing equipment, where pressure application can be inconsistent, Constant Systems proprietary hydraulic design and fixed orifice geometry ensure that 99% of the sample is processed within 1% of the set pressure. This level of precision guarantees that identical conditions are applied to the entire sample, ensuring repeatable, scalable, and highly efficient cell lysis.

    (1) Fermentation Manager at The Francis Crick Institute
    (2) Prof of Biochemistry, University of Bristol