Carr Biosystems is a global leader in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge liquid/solid centrifugal separation systems.

Their innovative solutions empower industries worldwide to achieve both efficient and reliable separation processes, enabling enhanced productivity and superior product quality.

With over 25 years of experience in centrifugation, Carr Biosystems possess unmatched expertise in pioneering single as well as multi use centrifuge solutions. Leading biopharmaceutical companies and other industry leaders worldwide confidently rely on their equipment to produce high-quality biological medicines and other products.


Sean Doran
Technical Sales Specialist

Carr offers a compelling portfolio that covers single and multi-use bioprocessing needs from development to commercial-scale manufacturing. Their scalable systems ensure seamless transition and consistent performance across all stages.

From cell therapy, gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, to vaccines, cultured meat, and more, Carr solutions are applicable across many sectors of biopharma and biotechnology.

Fundamentally Human
Caring for people is one of their primary core values. It extends from how they conduct their business to how they support our customers in bringing life-changing and life-enhancing solutions to the market.

Single Use Systems

The UniFuge® family provides low-shear separation, high-recovery performance, and fast processing time. With three sizes available, the UniFuge enables linear scaling, facilitating a seamless transition from benchtop process development to commercial manufacturing. These systems are easy to operate, simplifying training and requiring fewer staff than traditional centrifuges. Additionally, they have a small footprint, optimising space utilisation.

  • 100% closed system
  • Low shear
  • Clear centre
  • Reduce filtration needs by 85%
  • Set up and change over within 15 minutes
  • Cell viability up to 98%
  • Yield up to 98%
  • Confidently scale up to the U2k® or scale down to the UFMini®
  • Variable speed up to 4,000 x g
  • GMP-compliant data trail 21cfr Part 11
  • Extractables data available

CIP and SIP Stainless Steel Systems

Carr Biosystems offer two ranges of stainless steel centrifuges according to the customers requirements. The Powefuge® family is designed for bacteria, fungi, proteins, and other sub-micron particles. The Viafuge® is designed for mammalian, insect, and plant cell harvests with up to 98% viability. Both options are able to undergo CIP and SIP, and are available at a variety of scales, with flow rates ranging from 150ml/min up to 2400 LPH.