Solaris Biotech provide high quality, ergonomic and innovative fermenters, bioreactors and accessories. 

Solaris Biotech ​benchtop fermenters and bioreactors ​offer efficient platforms for R&D and product development applications. Their broad range of products are flexible and easy to use, ensuring there is always a solution specific to your needs and requirements – from research scale of a few hundred ml up to cGMP production of > 2000L.

Benefits include compact and user friendly designs, parallel software platform, up-to-date and open communication protocols.

The product range is used in universities, schools and research centres, as well as in pharma, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, chemical, agricultural, and food and beverage industries, not to mention bioplastics and biofuels applications..

Solaris Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems, fully automated within the Kronos​ product line, combine industrial elements and a compact design. For larger scale TFF applications open to customisation, consider the Tytan platform.


Emma Craughan
Technical Sales Specialist