Plate handling to and from stacks and incubator

To make research even more efficient and to keep your hands free, SYNENTEC has developed an automated plate handler that is fully integrated into the YT-software and compatible with the imaging systems CELLAVISTA and NYONE.


  • Reliable handling
  • Safe gripping
  • Remotely controlled by YT-Software
  • Automatic plate transfer
  • LIFO-stacks (Ambient)

Fully integrated SYBOT 1000 including Cellavista4 and Cytomat 2C-LiN incubator

Tailored to the requirements of customers, SYNENTEC have developed SYBOT 1000, a plate handler that is compatible and specially adapted with SYNENTEC’s imaging systems CELLAVISTA and NYONE, and can include the Cytomat 2C-LiN incubator, all integrated into YT-software.

Due to the increasing throughput requirements in research, SYBOT 1000 has a short handling time of 30 seconds per plate movement into or out of our imaging systems. All applications from our portfolio can be automated with SYBOT 1000.


SYNENTEC’s team of engineers, software developers and biologists have combined their knowledge to develop automated, high throughput cell culture microscopes and fast, easy to use image analysis software. They continuously develop and perfect the imaging systems and work with customers to create bespoke applications to meet their individual cell imaging and analysis needs.

Ellen’s take on this product

Ellen Harrington
Technical Sales Specialist

Efficient: Saving time is everything in the laboratory! Whether you need a simple plate loader at ambient temperature or an on-going imaging solution with incubation, or even integration into state-of-the-art automation enclosures. The SYBOT 1000 is an excellent way to make up some time in the lab.

Innovative: SYNENTEC are constantly developing new applications to meet the needs of customers. Technical assistance provided by the SYNENTEC team as well as local applications training means the user is supported from day 1.

Did you know?
For customers working with electronic records and signatures or in cGMP environments, SYNENTEC have developed YT AUDIT SOFTWARE, a validation software which meets requirements for 21 CFR part 11 compliant imaging and analysis.


    SYBOT 1000 Capabilities

    Integrated in YT-Software
    (Run-) Campaigns
    Data handling and evaluation of multiple plates with barcode integration
    Capacity 20 plates
    Handling time 30 seconds per plate
    Compatible Systems CELLAVISTA & NYONE, CytomatTM 2 C-LiN
    Racks 3 LIFO-racks supplied, (height 250 mm)
    Supported carries SBS format plates, lidded plates supported
    Assays All applications

    SYNENTEC provide the most versatile cell imagers on the market.