Thomson Instrument’s range of innovative consumables help make your laboratory more efficient.

Thomson filter vials speed up prep and analysis and their patented optimum growth and ultra high yield flasks, with AirOTop seals, provide the perfect environment to enhance culture growth. The range of well plates represent a cross section of plates for many different needs.

Cell Growth, Protein & DNA Purification, Cell Clarification & Analysis

Working with scientists has led to Thomson developing innovative products for cell expansion, bioprocessing and analysis including:


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Shake flasks

With higher working volumes and improved aeration increase efficiency for expansion of mammalian cells insect cells, E. coli and other microbial cells.

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Transfer Caps

For seeding larger Wave Bags and fermenters as well as for filling flasks with media from a bulk source provide time and cost savings keeping your lab operations running smoothly.

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Filter Vials

A single system which replaces HPLC Vials, HPLC Caps, Syringes, & Syringe Filters for the filtration of samples in an autosampler-ready vial. Filter Vials will help reduce time and costs by eliminating transfer steps and minimizing waste.

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