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Scalable technology from Pneumatic Scale Angelus

The Unifuge range is a family of single-use process centrifuges from Pneumatic Scale Angelus. A Carr Centritech technology, the Unifuge is unique as it is designed for both cell harvest and supernatant separation. And what’s more, as it uses a gamma irradiated, single-use module it eliminates the need for CIP and SIP.

Centrifugation Vs Depth Filtration

The recent move towards depth filtration has not seen the greatest rewards, with high yield deficits, there is greater burden on filters, and as scale increases filtration becomes much less cost effective. This is why people are looking to centrifugation. Foreseeing the trend, the Unifuge was the first single-use centrifuge on the market. As well as separating product components in a gentle manner, it is one of few that can do this with such precision. It is a low shear centrifuge, which means that the gentle method ensures greater quality of the end product, making the life of downstream scientists much easier!

Cell Harvest or Clarification

Designed for both cell separation and cell harvest, the same system enables users to harvest cells as product OR discard cells as by-product during processing.Low shear harvesting of mammalian and insect cells is possible and minimal reduction in viability of recovered cells is achieved.


The Unifuge family uses a gamma irradiated, single-use module that required no CIP and no SIP. Designed to be tube-welded to your single-use bioreactor connections, all process contact surfaces are quick and easy to install and 100% replaceable after each run.

Super scalability

The Unifuge is incredibly simple to use and boasts scalability from benchtop to manufacturing. The family of products use the same technology and interface within three different systems, giving you greater consistency of process as you scale-up.

UFMini – used at the research and development stage, the UFmini is the only product of its kind to combine the centrifuge technology with a benchtop solution. Ideal for cell line development and biopharmaceutical laboratories.

Unifuge Pilot – used for up to 200L, this product is the perfect measure between the bench and manufacturing.

U2K – designed to harvest up to a 2000L bioreactor at manufacturing scale. Super adaptable with different modules depending on your application.

With very high recoveries this gentle separation method is a consistent reproducible process. No matter where clarification fits in your process, improved cell harvest and supernatant separation makes life easier for onward processing.

For all queries regarding the Unifuge family, please contact me, Emma Craughan.

Article by:
Emma Craughan
Technical Sales Specialist
E. ecraughan@bioprocess-eng.co.uk


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