Phenotypeca, a pioneering biotech company based in Nottingham, is leading the way in industrial protein manufacture. With a focus on optimising baker’s yeast strains to produce recombinant proteins, such as biosimilars, vaccines and therapeutics they make these life-saving medicines more accessible and affordable. To achieve their goals, Phenotypeca has chosen the expertise and market-leading technologies provided by Bioprocessing Engineering Services (BPES), a trusted supplier of bioprocess equipment and solutions.

Phenotypeca’s Vision and Expertise:

Phenotypeca envisions a future where the cost of goods for industrial-scale manufacturing is significantly reduced, product development time is shortened, and the quality of final proteins is increased. Their sustainable, animal-free platform offers an alternative to traditional methods and has gained recognition for its potential to revolutionise medicine manufacturing. With the world’s largest unique collection of baker’s yeast strains bred and engineered for industrial recombinant protein production, Phenotypeca stands at the forefront of the biotech industry. Their technology extends to not only optimise manufacture and processing of recombinant proteins presently made using yeast but to also bring the advantages of bespoke optimisation by switching the manufacture of proteins presently made by alternatives such as CHO, Pichia or E. coli.

FDA and EU Approval:

Phenotypeca’s team members have extensive expertise in industrial protein manufacture, particularly in a cGMP environment, for products approved by regulatory bodies like the FDA and EU. These achievements have positioned Phenotypeca as a trusted name in the biotech industry and a valuable contributor to the advancement of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Recognitions and Collaborations:

Phenotypeca’s dedication to innovation and excellence has garnered them several accolades, including the prestigious 2022 Barclays Eagles Lab Innovation Awards. They have also secured substantial funding through projects such as a multi-million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project and a series of Innovate UK projects.

The Partnership with BPES:

Recognising the importance of advanced equipment in scaling up manufacturing processes, Phenotypeca forged a close partnership with Bioprocessing Engineering Services (BPES). BPES, the UK distributor of Solaris Biotech’s (A Donaldson Brand) bioreactors and fermenters, provides cutting-edge solutions for the Cell & Gene Therapy, Biopharma, and Industrial Biotechnology sectors. This collaboration ensures that Phenotypeca has access to market-leading technologies and full maintenance and application support from BPES’ experienced engineers.

Installation and Support:

One of the recent installations completed by BPES for Phenotypeca involved the installation of two 15 L SIP steam-heated Genesis Fermenters from Solaris Biotech. This state-of-the-art equipment, along with additional supporting infrastructure, was carefully selected to meet Phenotypeca’s specific needs. BPES were delighted to support Phenotypeca during the installation process, providing rental systems, technical expertise, and on-site support in order to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

Future Growth and Commitment:

Phenotypeca’s partnership with BPES extends beyond the initial installation, as they plan to expand their fermentation portfolio, starting with three additional IO1000 fully electric mini fermenters from Solaris Biotech in the near future. BPES remains committed to ensuring the success of Phenotypeca’s endeavours and demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and the advancement of the biotech industry.


Phenotypeca’s innovative approach to industrial protein manufacturing, coupled with their collaboration with BPES and the innovative equipment supplied by Solaris Biotech, is helping to revolutionise the biopharmaceutical industry. With their shared vision of making medical treatments more affordable and accessible, Phenotypeca are driving innovation in the field of industrial-scale protein production and making significant strides towards improving global healthcare by leveraging the power of baker’s yeast and advanced bioprocessing technologies.

Thoughts from Matt – BPES Technical Sales Specialist:

“As someone who has worked in a high-throughput COVID-19 testing facility, I have witnessed the UK’s strong defense against the virus and the crucial role played by the government’s support and funding for free vaccinations. However, many developing countries lack the infrastructure and resources to combat a global pandemic effectively. That’s why the work of Phenotypeca is so vital. Their technology can help make vaccines and biosimilars affordable, thereby assisting governments in developing nations to protect their citizens. Everyone deserves a chance at safety and well-being, regardless of where they were born. Phenotypeca’s efforts in industrial protein manufacturing bring us closer to achieving this global goal.”