Ever imagined a world where yesterday’s leftovers power up tomorrow’s Teslas? Where plastics take a dip in the ocean and simply… vanish? Where rubber tires reincarnate as, well, newer, bouncier rubber tires?  Welcome to the fantastic, and only slightly smelly, universe of FERMENTATION!

BPES shines a spotlight on how the circular economy is flourishing with the support of fermentation technologies. From transforming food waste into energy to creating truly sustainable plastics that can degrade even in the oceans, the innovations are groundbreaking.

Highlight: Green Elephant Biotech’s game-changer, the CellScrew, which is 3D printed from plant-derived PLA plastics originating from organic sources like corn starch. This sustainable solution contrasts with typical lab ware, which is derived from non-renewable crude oils.

Another innovation to marvel at is Recircle’s brilliant solution for recycling rubber using bacterial fermentation. It’s aiming to transform the rubber industry, ushering in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly era.

As we stare at the vast potential of fermentation, the likes of Solaris Biotech and Bio-on are leading the charge, developing plastics and technologies that promise a cleaner planet.

It’s a time of revolution, driven by nature’s own processes. The solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing challenges aren’t found in the stars but are brewed right here on Earth through fermentation.

Hold onto your kombucha, folks! Because the answer to our planet’s mega-questions might just be bubbling in a flask somewhere. Who knew saving the world would be so… fizzy?