Thomson Multiport Flasks

Optimum Growth® Multiport Flasks serve as closed systems with feed/transfer ports.

  • Feature feed/transfer ports for seeding larger bioreactors or for batch feeding medium sized cultures.
  • Both aseptic sampling valves & feed/transfer ports making the 1.6L and 5L flasks closed systems.

The Multiport Optimum Growth® Flask was born out of the need for biopharmaceutical companies to ensure the elimination of contamination risk. The multiport flasks allows for completely closed system aseptic processing.

  1. Addition of media to the flask
  2. Inoculation
  3. Feeding
  4. Sampling

More on Thomson Instruments

Thomson Instrument Company has been serving the pharmaceutical and life science industries since 1970. Their lasting commitment to provide customer satisfaction and quality products has enabled them to maintain a solid reputation throughout the industry. Thomson’s range of innovate consumables and equipment help make your lab more efficient. Their filter vials speed up prep and analysis, while their patented Optimum Growth and Ultra High Yield Flasks with AirOTop seals provide the perfect environment to enhance cell growth. Their range of well plates represent a cross section of plates for many different needs.

Emma’s take on this product

Emma Craughan
Head of Sales

Convenient: Thomson flasks are available for both Mammalian cell culture and microbial applications. There is a wide range of accessories making them extremely convenient and safe to use in the lab. Transfer caps allow for sterile fluid transfer and special seals allow for optimal gas transfer.

Performance: Thomson flasks have been developed to be scaleable, with a wide range of sizes available. Benefits include high aeration, low foaming and high fill volumes thus saving space in your incubator. Whatever the cell line you’re cultivating, Thomson flasks give excellent growth.

Did you know?

Thomson make two distinct ranges of flasks – Ultra Yield are for microbial cultures and Optimum Growth Flasks are for mammalian cell cultures.

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    Why use Multiport Optimum Growth®?


    • Allows viable cell count sampling while the flask remains in shaker or on benchtop
    • No need to decontaminate and open the flask cap
    • Ensures contamination-free processing


    • Tube fusing for media addition, inoculation, feeding
    • Transfer to larger vessel maintaining sterility
    • Eliminates the need to inoculate using expensive and awkward cell bags
    • Contamination-free processing by never needing to open the flask cap

    Thomson’s range of innovate consumables and equipment help make your lab more efficient.