Thomson Enhanced AirOtop Seals for Ultra Yield Flasks

Thomson Enhanced AirOtop Seals (patented) are simple, disposable, sterile, high air exchange seals for all shake flasks

  • Thomson Enhanced airtop seals
  • Applied as a clean sterile barrier that allows samples to vent while preventing contamination from condensation and airborne particles such as phage, mold, spores, and dust
  • When used in combination with the ultra yield flasks they become a simple “disposable bioreactor” at a fraction of the price
  • Replace plastic and metal flask caps, aluminium foil over flasks, cotton plugs, cheese cloth, etc.
  • 0.2µm sterile barrier
  • Long term re-sealable membrane for use with ultra yield and other brand flasks
  • Testing has been conducted on multiple customer samples with great results on up to 7 days of cellular growth. This testing included Protista (Algae), E.coli and other microbes which has all resulted in improved growth and more aerobic growth
  • Multiple sizes are available to keep all of your flasks covered
  • All seals come in packs of 100
Product Numbers
For Ultra Yield 2.5L flask 899425
For Ultra Yield 500mL flask 899424
For Ultra Yield 250mL flask 899423
For Ultra Yield 125mL flask 899421

More on Thomson Instruments

Thomson Instrument Company has been serving the pharmaceutical and life science industries since 1970. Their lasting commitment to provide customer satisfaction and quality products has enabled them to maintain a solid reputation throughout the industry. Thomson’s range of innovate consumables and equipment help make your lab more efficient. Their filter vials speed up prep and analysis, while their patented optimum growth and ultra high yield flasks with AirOTop seals provide the perfect environment to enhance cell growth. Their range of well plates represent a cross section of plates for many different needs.

Emma’s take on this product

Emma Craughan
Head of Sales

Innovative: Thomson products are always innovative, when considering their flask ranges, filter vials or growth media the products always offer advantages over the competition. Either in terms of performance or ease of use. This is often further highlighted by the range of accessories offered. A great example of this is the Rapid Clear cap which offers an extremely elegant solution for cell harvest, straight from the flask.

Dependable: Thomson offer extremely competitive lead times across the range of labware. Even during the pandemic we’ve been able to keep supplies of flasks going to our customers with very few delays. This is further enhanced by BPES endeavouring to keep a large stock of products on the shelf.

Did you know?

BPES offer innovative supply solutions for Thomson products including ‘call offs’ and holding stock for customers making it simple for customers to manage their inventory.

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    Thomson’s range of innovate consumables and equipment help make your lab more efficient.