The many modules of Numera

The Filtration Module

Welcome to a brand new series in which I describe the role each Numera module plays in synergising to create an effective PAT solution for process sampling and analysis.

In this edition, I talk about the innovative filtration module and how it can be configured to prepare your samples by filtration before they are sent for storage and analysis.

What is a Numera system?

The Numera system consists of a series of modules, allowing a bespoke system to be configured to suit the requirements of your research laboratory or manufacturing facility. This innovative module of the Numera autosampler and analyser is able to reliably filter your process intermediate reliably, while removing the risk of human error and preventing cross contamination.

What exactly is a Numera autosampler and analyser?

The Numera autosampler and analyser by Securecell provides a compelling PAT solution for your bioprocess sampling and analytics. Through this automation, your scientists and staff can now concentrate on interpreting data and developing processes at an accelerated rate, while maintaining comprehensive GMP compliance and thus, ensuring patient safety.

What is the filtration module and what does it do?

The filtration module consists of: a controller, a peristaltic pump, and a tape filtration assembly. A series of valves and Numera’s self-cleaning system ensure sterility is maintained between individual samples, preventing cross contamination. From the routing module, samples enter the filtration module where they pass through a unique tape filtration system.

This assembly allows for each sample to pass through an unfouled piece of filter, preventing clogging as well as cross contamination. A peristaltic pump within the module facilitates this process before the sample is sent either for storage within the autosampler, or to one of the four, 3rd-party analysers or HPLC integrated with Numera.

Why is the filtration module useful in your Numera system?

The filtration module provides a vital function in the preparation of samples prior to analysis. Using the appropriately sized filtration tape (between 0.22-1.5 ꙡm pore size) cells are removed and supernatant retained allowing the extracellular material to be analysed such as in a bio/metabolite analyser like a Nova Flex 2, or a connected HPLC. The integration of a filtration module in your Numera system allows for these types of analysis to be planned and executed fully autonomously, allowing your technical staff to review and interpret the resulting data at their leisure via the Lucullus software.

To learn more about Numera by Securecell, please contact Sean Doran at BPES.

Article by:
Sean Doran
Technical Sales Specialist


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