Securecell Numera Autosampler & Analyser

Automated sampling in bioprocesses

Sampling and sample preparation in bioprocess development are often done manually. Therefore, deviations can occur, results are delayed, recorded manually and missing during weekends and overnight. Numera is a modular system which provides an integrated and customised PAT solution. It enables on-line analytics for reliable results in real-time around the clock. Seamlessly combined with Lucullus, the entire workflow of sampling, monitoring and feed-back control is covered by an all-in-one solution.

Numera is a fully modular autosampler and analyser that enables full automation of your process sampling and analytics. Up to 16 parallel bioreactors can be linked to Numera, which is able to sample, process, and analyse process intermediate using up to four 3rd party analysers and HPLC at predetermined times and frequencies.  Samples can also be taken and stored for later manual offline analysis.

Multiplexer Module

  • Communicates with up to 16 bioreactors
  • Pinch valve ensures a sterility barrier
  • Self-cleaning with EtOH to prevent contamination
  • Minimal sample volumes (2-4ml)

Dilution Module

  • Dilutes from 1:2 to 1:25
  • Reagent addition
  • Mixing and setting of reaction times
  • High precision (max accuracy of ≤ 2% Standard Deviation)

Filtration Module

  • Cell removal – retention of supernatant
  • Unique tape filtration technology
  • New filter for every sample – No contamination
  • Variety of pore sizes ranging from 0.22 – 1.2 µm


  • Stores samples in chilled environment
  • Sizes range from 48 – 320 samples
  • Compatible with deep well plates or vials

Routing Module

  • Centrally located for maximum flexibility
  • Enables customisation for processing individual samples
  • Can transfer to up to four 3rd party analysers

Lucullus PIMS

  • Numera communicates natively with Lucullus
  • Seamless integration with other process equipment
  • Fully digitised and stream-lined work flows

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    Securecell are experts in process analytics, data processing and automation in bioprocesses. The established Lucullus process information management system (PIMS) is used around the world in the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

    Paired with Lucullus, Numera feeds your analytics data back into Lucullus which is able to align it with the rest of your process data. Fully integrated, they form a fully viable and complete PAT Solution that is CFR21 Part 11 compliant and suitable for any application from small scale laboratories all the way up to GMP manufacturing. For more information please contact Sean Doran or visit the Securecell website

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    Closed-loop control

    Automated Sampling reliable 24/7

    Securecell are experts in process analytics, data processing and automation in bioprocesses.