The One Shot Cell Disruptor

The One Shot (OS) Cell Disruptor is the most compact model at  500mm² in the Constant Systems Cell Disruption range, making it perfectly suited for benchtop operation. The OS can be paired with its bespoke trolley to ensure it sits  at its optimal working height and has full swivel and lockable casters, ensuring both safe and easy mobility of the unit as required.

Processing volumes

  • 0.5mL to 8mL per cycle, with an impressively low dead loss volume of less than 0.1mL
  • total volumes up to 24mL 

The One Shot is an ideal upgrade for users transitioning from smaller bench-top techniques such as bead beating and sonication. Utilising Constant Systems’ renowned precise and consistent hydraulic control, which is fully scalable across the entire product range, the OS ensures that each sample is processed at the set pressure. This precision ensures accurate, consistent results, typically without the need for multiple passes, even when handling fluid, re-suspended, viscous, tissue, plant, and frozen sample types.


  • Ease of Use: Designed for simplicity, the OS requires no compressed air or bottled gas, operating on a standard electrical supply.
  • Efficient Operation: There is no need to prime or purge before use; any air in the system is processed without harming the sample or the equipment.
  • Safety Features: Includes a stainless steel tray to catch any accidental spillages.
  • Precision Control: Disruption pressure is digitally displayed, easily and accurately adjustable between 1-40 kpsi.
  • Versatile Processing: Capable of handling a wide range of sample types, including fluid, re-suspended, viscous, tissue, plant, and frozen.
  • Temperature Control: Collection cups are designed for easy transfer to and from ice or freezer environments to maintain sample temperature.
  • Consistent Results: Constant Systems’ hydraulic control maintains consistency in every process, ensuring repeatability with 99% of the sample processed at the set pressure.
  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: Supports both process flow cleaning with standard cleaning media (e.g., Ethanol 70%, Sodium Hydroxide 1M, Virkon 1%) and manual cleaning, with all product path components easily dismantled for autoclaving or manual washing.
  • Material Quality: Product path materials include industry-standard Stainless Steel 316L and F51 duplex or equivalent, EPDM, GLFPTFE, & PEEK 450G, accommodating all sample types and cleaning media.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Measures 475x510x455 mm (DxWxH) and weighs 110 kg.
  • Electrical Requirements: Comes with country-specific plug types and operates on a standard single-phase supply via a C15 or C20 connection.


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Emma Craughan
Technical Sales Specialist

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    The One Shot Cell Disruptor from Constant Systems is your solution for efficient, precise, and versatile cell disruption, embodying the innovation and reliability synonymous with our brand. Whether upgrading from smaller methods or integrating into high-throughput environments, the OS provides a scalable, dependable choice for cutting-edge research and industrial applications.

    Constant Systems. Cell disruptors at a constant pressure giving 99% cell disruptions with one pass.