Part 5: SY-LAB Controlled Rate Freezers

With the bitter chill in the air, no other product than the IceCube Series of Controlled Rate Freezers from SY-LAB rule my Dream Lab this February.

What is a controlled rate freezer and why is it beneficial?
This is an instrument that (you guessed it) freezes samples (cells, tissue, other biological materials) but does so by following a specific temperature program. This is done to prevent damage or degradation of delicate material that can occur when frozen too quickly or unevenly. Here are a few aspects about SY-LAB’s IceCube range which make them a must have for my lab.


This is an extremely important point for which SY-LAB deserves recognition – there is strict and yet somewhat ambiguous regulation required for freezers if freezing biological samples intended for reintroduction to the body. The consequences for having the wrong classification for your material could be severe – so SY-LAB have removed this risk by ensuring the correct classification of their IceCube medical products.

Validatable Software

To help companies comply with established 21 CFR part 11 regulations, SY-LAB developed a validatable version of their IceCube software. Including features such as user administration, authenticity, data security and safety, audit trails, logbooks and reports, this VAL software leaves customers with no doubts about the protection and security of their data.


With extensive experience in developing controlled rate freezers, these products feature a double computer concept, touch control, semi-automatic compensation of latent heat for highest viability rates and high resolution of freezing curves to ensure samples are carefully preserved. Which is why SY-LAB’s products are trusted by hospitals and major research companies all over the world.

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Article by:
Ellen Harrington
Technical Sales Specialist


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