SY-LAB IceCube 11XS

Chamber volume is 1.6L

  • The Sy-Lab IceCube 11XS is a newly designed compact computer controlled freezer for small quantities of vials or straws.
  • Temperature profile follows within very narrow tolerances, with excellent dispersion within the chamber.
  • Easily moved and can fit into small laboratory spaces.
  • Applications include human and veterinary medicine for routine and R&D work.
  • Operated via tablet computer.
  • Vertical or horizontal operation.

Cryoconservation using dynamic freezing processes


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SY-LAB Controlled Rate Freezers of the “IceCube” Series feature a double computer concept, touch control, semi automatic compensation of latent heat for highest viability rates, high resolution of freezing curves, the transparent hinged lid and various chamber accessories for a huge number of applications. The software allows you to alter the control mode depending on your task. The IceCube 11 and 14 Series are used in Blood and Cordblood Banks, Tissue Culture Labs, Biobanks, IVF Institutes, Pharmaceutical Research Companies and General Cell Research as well as many other applications.