SY-LAB IceCube 17L

The IceCube 17L is equipped with the CRYOSUPERIOR Technology and represents the largest chamber volume available. Using parallel flow technology the air/gas exchange is carried out in a large scale circulating motion and the return takes place in the isolated outer area of the cooling chamber

As a member of the large-scale series, the IceCube 17L achieves parallel and cross sectional replacement of gas volume across the whole chamber to give a uniform temperature profile. The gas flow in the instrument has been engineered to ensure a homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the chamber.

Tightly controlled injectors meter the liquid nitrogen addition according to the temperature difference between the set-point and the actual reading.

Cryoconservation using dynamic freezing processes


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SY-LAB Controlled Rate Freezers of the “IceCube” Series feature a double computer concept, touch control, semi automatic compensation of latent heat for highest viability rates, high resolution of freezing curves, the transparent hinged lid and various chamber accessories for a huge number of applications. The software allows you to alter the control mode depending on your task. The IceCube 11 and 14 Series are used in Blood and Cordblood Banks, Tissue Culture Labs, Biobanks, IVF Institutes, Pharmaceutical Research Companies and General Cell Research as well as many other applications.