Solaris Genesis 7.5-20L – SIP Benchtop Bioreactor & Fermenter

The Solaris Genesis R&D sterisable-in-place benchtop fermenter / bioreactor.

  • Available from 7.5 to 20 L total volume
  • Automatic sterilisation by steam or electric heaters
  • Ideal for microbial fermentation as well as animal, plant and insect cell cultivation
  • Applications include:
  • Process development and optimisation
  • Scale up/down studies
  • Basic research

Solaris GENESIS: Single and Parallel Standard SIP Fermenter/Bioreactor

Emma’s take on this product

Emma Craughan
Technical Sales Specialist

Accessible: Solaris aims to provide advanced yet accessible solutions to our customers. Systems can be configured to exactly match your budgeting and process requirements. Bioreactors and fermenters are available in scales as small as 120ml and all the way up to 30,000L.

Specialist: Solaris not only offers off-the-shelf systems, but turnkey solutions for their customers. They can assist their clients in the design and manufacturing of completely integrated turn-key process plants for nearly any application, whether that be biopharma, biotech, food and beverage, and many more. .

Did you know?

Leonardo 3.0 is the software installed on all Solaris’ fermenters and bioreactors, from benchtop units to pilot and industrial scales.

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    More on Solaris Biotech

    Solaris is a modern, dynamic company specialising in the production of high quality and innovative fermenters and bioreactors for the biotechnology industry. Solaris’ broad range of products are flexible and easy to use, ensuring there is always a solution specific to your needs and requirements, from research to cGMP production. Solaris provides for customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and agricultural industry as well as private and public research institutes.

    Features & Benefits

    • 4 different volumes, 2.5 : 1 H/D ratio.
    • AISI 316L vessel.
    • Sterilization with steam, electrical heaters or a combination of both.
    • Double jacket (side-bottom) for greater heat transfer efficiency and optimal temperature control.
    • Microbial (Toro sparger, Rushton impellers, baffles) and cell cultures (Sintered sparger, Marine impellers, baffles caps) configurations available.
    • Wide range of measurement and control options, including temperature, pH, dO 2 , dCO 2 , redox, antifoam, level, conductivity, weight, cell density (total cells, viable cells).
    • Modbus digital sensors reduce background noise and guarantee quick response time.
    • Suitable for batch, fed-batch and continuous processes.
    • Compact and modular PLC-based PCS LEM_1, with n.4 built-in fixed speed Watson Marlow pumps. Variable speed pumps can be integrated as option.
    • Powerful and accurate (1 RPM) brushless motor.
    • Optional integration of up to 4 analog input/output connections, choosing between 0-10 V and 0-20 mA/4-20 mA (e.g. pumps or valves with power supply independent from Solaris electrical cabinet)
    • Different gas mixing strategies with up to 5 TMFC and/or solenoid valves.
    • SALAS (Solaris Sterile Liquid Addition System) included in the standard configuration.
    • The thermoregulation and aeration loops are external from the PCS, on a dedicated support with a combination of stainless-steel and flexible tubing.
    • Illuminated sight glass on the vessel lid, and circular sight glass on vessel side.

    Solaris GENESIS Software

    Innovative SCADA software​ ​LEONARDO​ ​3.0​: a smart and user-friendly controller designed to provide a high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes.

    • Full version included in the equipment supply.
    • Up to 24 units managed in parallel with a unique HMI (​24”).
    • Data extraction in .csv format.
    • Remote access via PC, tablet or smartphone, with QR code scanning or dedicated portal.
    • Remote control for after sale assistance.

    Solaris is a modern, dynamic company specialising in the production of high quality and innovative fermenters and bioreactors for the biotechnology industry.