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Dielectric spectroscopy (DS), also known as capacitance measurement, has been used as a PAT tool for viral vector production processes (lentivirus, adenovirus, reovirus, influenza, baculovirus) with mammalian and insect cells. It has been viewed as an important advancement for viral process control for continuous virus production processes.

Numerous groups have explored this technology to monitor live cell density, identify critical events and control the process. The benefits of using capacitance technology in these applications are multifold. We summarize these benefits here, that have been supported by peer-reviewed published empirical evidence, references for which have also been provided above. Considering capacitance measurement correlates with the live cell density (or more accurately, viable biovolume) profile of the culture, it provides a complete, real time and detailed picture of all of the critical events, as described below. This leads to better process monitoring, automation and control and in turn, improved productivity.


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