It is great to see the collaboration between two of our suppliers, ABER and Securecell, to seamlessly integrate biomass monitoring for the benefit of the end-user.

ABER pioneered the development and use of dielectric instrumentation to monitor biomass, by measuring cell membrane capacitance and media conductivity. The FUTURA range is the benchmark in determining live cell concentration online in bioreactors.

The integration with Securecell’s Lucullus® PIMS empowers production, harmonising the processes in different ways:

  • Bioreactor platform manufacturer independency.
  • Futura operates directly via Lucullus, eliminating the need for middleware.
  • Flexible setup (re-)assignment.
  • Flexible, easy-to-implement process control to make most of FUTURAs in combination with other equipment & online calculations.
  • All frequency information and system parameters can be mapped to Lucullus.
  • Lucullus integrates data from the online and offline analytics