Securecell Lucullus

The complete software solution for bioprocesses.

Lucullus software enables you to control all of your bioreactors and process equipment with one easy to use interface. Collect, manage online, at-line and offline data and make real-time process decisions. Optionally, you can even manage your media prep from raw material lot control to usage and stock control.

Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS) aligns and stores all data from disparate sources of the entire bioprocess environment in one place. The integration is made easy by integrated workflows and a high degree of automation. All information is centrally managed, easily accessible and ready to be directly applied. The software provides comprehensive monitoring and control, from the initial raw material to the final product.

Lucullus is able to integrate 3rd party sensors from e.g. ABER and Exner into your existing process control system. In addition, Lucullus integrates seamlessly with the Numera automatic modular sampling system.

More information coming soon, in the meantime, for more information please visit Securecell’s website.


Securecell are experts in process analytics, data processing and automation in bioprocesses. The established Lucullus process information management system (PIMS) is used around the world in the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.