Quattroflow Q-Control Smart Biotech Pump Range

Smart control of your pump operations.

Q-Control is an integrated pump controller for Quattroflow multiple-use and single-use pumps. It interfaces with a variety of flow and pressure sensors to provide user with automated control over their pump operations. With built-in smart control functions that no longer requires an external PLC, Q-Control leads to a new generation of Quattroflow biopharma pumps.

  • Integrated pump controller that interfaces with different flow and pressure sensors
  • NOW AVAILABLE with direct Em-tec Sensor Connection
  • Smart control functions that usually require an external PLC
  • PID control mode for pressure- or flow-controlled pump operations
  • Autotune function to automatically find optimal PID parameters
  • Configurable alarms to stop the pump
  • Dispensing feature to automatically fill defined volumes of liquid
  • RS485 Modbus communication port
  • Trend data and alarm logging
  • Remote operation
  • Available for Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pump models: QF30, QF150, QF1200, QF2500 and QF4400


More on Quattroflow

QuattroflowTM Fluid Systems is a leading manufacturer of unique 4-piston diaphragm pumps, offering extremely low shear, pulsation and particulate generation, making them perfect for applications such as chromatography and tagential flow filtration (TFF). Quattroflow pumps are available as both single and multiple use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. BPES offer a complete after-sales service and we are proud to be the only Quattroflow Certified Service Centre in the UK. Quattroflow pumps are installed worldwide at companies such as Aventis, Baxter, Chiron, Roche, Sandoz and Boehringer Ingelheim. Quattroflow was founded in 2000, and is a brand of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group.

Sean’s take on this product

Sean Doran
Technical Sales Specialist

Reliable: Quattroflow pumps are tried and tested across wide variety of biopharma applications. By providing low friction, low sheer, and low pulsation, they are ideal for critical applications in biopharma manufacturing such as Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), Chromatography, centrifuge feed, and many more. Pumps are available in single as well as multi-use variants, giving you

Quality: Quattroflow pumps are well designed and engineered, offering a long product life with easily performed servicing. Service kits are available for all products, allowing them to be maintained in-house, or through your service contract-provider.

Did you know?

Quattroflow pumps are designed to mimic the human heart in order to give safe, reliable, and efficient transfer of biologics throughout your process.

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    Manual Mode Manual motor speed selection
    Manual Flow Manual motor speed selection with flow calculation
    External Mode External pump control
    Dispense Mode Automated dispensing of preconfigured volumes
    Pressure Control Mode Automated pressure control, e.g. for filtration; requires a connected pressure sensor
    Flow Control Mode Automated flow control, e.g. for cross-flow control; requires a connected flow sensor
    Alarms Free configurable alarms
    PIN Codes PIN code protection of configuration settings
    USB Port

    Backup of system configuration setting
    Data logging
    Installation of firmware updates


    3 x analog input 4-20mA
    1 x analog input 0-10 VDC
    incl. 24 VDC supply voltage for sensors
    External sensor (e.g. pressure and/or flow)
    External pump control
    3 x digital inputs Diaphragm monitoring
    External start/stop
    High pressure switch
    1 x RS485 (Modbus RTU) Signal monitoring
    Pump remote control

    Quattroflow Fluid Systems are the leading manufacturer of unique 4-piston diaphragm pumps, offering extremely low shear, pulsation and particulate generation, making them perfect for applications such as chromotography and tangential flow filtration (TFF).