Em-tec Bioprocessing

Non-invasive flow measurement systems with no product contact for laboratory and industrial bioprocesses.

Coming from a clinical background, Em-tec’s technology is perfectly suited to the strict hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing sector. Whether for the laboratory environment or fully automated industrial bioprocesses, Em-tec offer products and systems for the measurement of flow in flexible tubing with absolutely no product contact – thus eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The technology is perfect for use with today’s single-use systems and fluid paths and is compatible with most tubing types from 1/8″ OD up to 1 3/16″ OD.

The operating principle of the device is the ultrasonic transit-time method, the flow measurement is non-invasive, meaning without direct contact to the medium

When sending ultrasonic sound signals through the measuring section, the transit time depends on the flow direction of the medium:

If the ultrasonic sound signals are sent along the flow direction, the downstream signal needs less time.
  • If the ultrasonic sound signals are sent against the flow direction, the upstream signal needs more time
  • The evaluation of the received ultrasonic signals is based on the upstream and the downstream measuring section.

Consequently, the transit-time is measured for every pulse. The difference between upstream and downstream measurements is proportional to the volumetric flow rate.