c.bird™ | Providing Optimal Suspension Culture Conditions in 96-well Plates and Superior Comparability with Large-scale Shaker-flask Culture Environments 

Application Note by cytena

 Olivia Huang, MS, Annie Chen, MS, Charles Tsai, PhD, cytena Bioprocess Solutions, Taipei City, Taiwan 

Our study demonstrates that the c.bird™ improves mammalian cell growth in 96-well culture environments and closely imitates the shaker-flask culture in terms of cell growth profiles and protein yields. In traditional cell line development processes, it takes a long time to find optimal clones due to inconsistent cell line profiles generated between the early and late stages. The c.bird system, a new cell culture innovation, is created to provide solutions to this problem, reducing the cell profile differences between the two stages and providing an optimal suspension culture condition earlier on. In this study, we cultured CHO cell lines that produce monoclonal antibodies with and without the c.bird system and compared cell profiles generated with that of cells cultured in a shaker-flask culture environment. The results show that the c.bird improved live/total cell growth and cell viability and had superior comparability with those of large-scale shaker-flask cultures. In addition, it significantly improved cell doubling time and relative protein yields with no statistical difference when compared to shaker-flask cultures.