cytena c.bird

The c.bird 96-well plate microbioreactor offers continuous mixing with dynamic monitoring of pH and DO values for individual wells offering control which traditionally can only be achieved in larger scale bioreactors.

The innovative c.bird microbioreactor technology – is the first microbioreactor that combines high-throughput culture screening, monitoring and optimisation from early stage of cell culture. It enables users to have better predictability of cell clones from day 1 and save weeks in the very cost intensive early-stage of the cell line development process. in addition, cell culture based research (e.g. synthetic biology, stem cell research and cell therapy) can potentially also benefit from c.bird technology.


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cytena is the leader in single-cell printing. Their patented, single cell printing technology enables fully automated isolation of single cells, with user friendly software with multiple applications including cell line development, single cell genomics and R&D. The cytena single cell printer (SCP) technology presents, for the first time, documented proof of clonality and provides efficient and fast single cell seeding combined with excellent cell viability.