Solaris ONE – Single Wall Fermenters / Bioreactors

The Solaris ONE consists of 2L fermenter/bioreactor (total volume), single wall glass vessel, bench-top, pre-assembled unit, supplied with all necessary tubes, valves and instruments, automation, control panel (software license).  The system is designed for aerobic and anaerobic cultivations/ fermentations, closed aseptic operations.

  • LEONARDO 3.0 software license: smart controller designed to provide an high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes
  • Batch, Fed batch or continuous processes
  • Different gas mixing strategies with up to 5 TMFC or up to 4 rotameters
  • Powerful/ Accurate brushless motor, from 1 to 2000 RPM. Online absorbed Torques (Nm) and Power (W) measurements obtaining an indirect density indication of the culture broth
  • pH, dO2, antifoam, level and temperature controls available
  • Compact and modular stainless-steel PCS
  • Up to n.4 WM114 Watson Marlow pumps available for the configuration
  • Single wall vessel, with heating blanket and cooling finger as thermoregulation options

Matt’s take on this product

Matt Wright
Technical Sales Specialist

The ONE is the ultimate cost-effective solution for lab-scale R&D systems. Designed as an entry-level system, it offers significantly reduced lead times and comes equipped with essential components in the standard configuration, including pH and DO probes, as well as a gas out condenser. With its standard 2L single-wall vessel, the ONE allows for remote control via Wi-Fi, enabling seamless operation from a laptop, phone, or tablet. Primarily catering to start-ups and academia, the ONE is the perfect choice for those seeking an affordable yet efficient solution to drive their research forward.

Did you know?

You can maximise you R&D capabilities by run up to 24 units in parallel using the Leonardo software.

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    Entry level stirred fermenter/bioreactor

    The Solaris One can be used for; process development and optimisation, education, basic research, scale-up and scale-down studies and small production.

    • 2.0 L geometrical volume, H/D ratio 3:1
    • Microbial (Toro sparger, Rushton impellers, baffles) and cell cultures (Sintered sparger, Marine impellers, baffles caps) configurations available.
    • Single-wall borosilicate glass vessel, with thermoregulation performed through heating blanket and cooling finger.
    • Measurements and controls included in the supply: stirring, temperature, pH, dO2.
    • Accurate gas mixing via dedicated TMFC for Air.
    • Compact stainless-steel cube PCS equipped with n.4 fixed speed Watson Marlow peristaltic pumps WM114 type.
    • Powerful and accurate (1 RPM) brushless motor.
    • Different gas mixing strategies for Air O2, CO2 and N2, or through solenoid valves (automatic software control).
    • Connectivity and data exchange via in-built WiFi system.
    • Innovative SCADA software LEONARDO: a smart and user-friendly controller designed to provide a high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes.
    • Multiple use available up to 24 units managed in parallel

    Solaris ONE software

    • Light version of LEONARDO 3.0 software licence included in the equipment supply (USB flash key), to be installed on customers’ personal computers (Optionally Solaris can provide a PC).
    • Data extraction in .csv format.

    Solaris is a modern, dynamic company specialising in the production of high quality and innovative fermenters and bioreactors for the biotechnology industry.