Nanofiber Well Culture Inserts

Well culture inserts for 6 well plate, 12 well plate and 24 well plate

  • True 3D cell culture surfaces
  • Available in three orientations
    • NanoAligned – aligned fibre matrix – mimics white matter of the brain
    • NanoECM – random orientation – mimics native decellularized tissue
    • NanoHep – increases viability and enzyme expression for hepatocytes
  • No special media or reagents needed for use
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Plates are plasma surface treated and ready to use directly out of the package for tissue culture work
  • Approximate diameter of the nanofiber polymers are 700nm
  • The thickness of the fibre layers on the bottom of the plate is ~20 microns thick
    • Custom manufactured scaffolds for large bioreactors and in vivo tissue engineering applications are also available

Product Numbers

Product NanoECM NanoAligned  NanoHep
Inserts – 6 well plate 060601 060602 060601N
Inserts – 12 well plate 121201 121202 121201N
Inserts – 23 well plate 242401 242402 242401N

3D cell culture for a 3D world


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