Malema Flow Sensors

The Malema Sensors® SumoFlo 8100 series Single-Use Coriolis Mass Flow Sensors are specifically designed for measuring liquids in bio-pharmaceutical and other applications that require all gamma-stable wetted surfaces.

Malema Single-Use Coriolis Mass Flow Sensors

The Single-Use Coriolis Mass flow sensors are part of Malema’s CE compliant SumoFlo series, created for applications including chromatography, depth filtration, and TFF. These Malema flow sensors include the single-use sensor assembly, supporting electronics, sensor mounting enclosure, and a graphical user interface (GUI). Optional temperature sensors provide feedback to the electronics that allow temperature compensation to ensure the mass flow accuracy regardless of temperature changes to the application fluid.

With this Malema flow sensor, fluid flows into the sensor consisting of two flow sensitive elements which are vibrated relative to one another – similar to the tines of a tuning fork. Fluid interacts with the sensor dynamically in such a way that the sensor’s response is immune to the fluid’s chemical and physical properties, flow regime, or variations in flow velocity profile. Fluid mass flow rate is determined by measuring the relative motion of the vibrating flow sensitive elements.

Accuracy: +/- 1% of flow; unaffected by flow regime or variations to the velocity profile
Fluid measurement performance is independent of fluid properties
USP Class VI wetted parts
Gamma stable PEEK sensor
Ultra-flow option capable of reading from 0.5mL to 50mLs per minute at +/- 2% accuracy
Operating pressure is 80 psi from 1 inch through ⅛ inch (ultra-low flow upon request)
Standard ultra-low flow pressure of 30 psi


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    Malema designs and manufactures flow measurement and control instruments for life sciences applications. Their products are designed for high accuracy, reliability, and repeatability for use with biopharmaceutical media.