Malema BCV-980 Control Valve

The BCV-980 is a compact, cost-effective, high performance pinch control valve designed for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The intelligent control valves utilise PSG Biotech’s proprietary integral PID control algorithms. The valve monitors up to four analog signals from external sensors or controllers and modulates the valve position accordingly.


  • All exposed surfaces are 316L stainless steel for wash-down applications (IP65)
  • ¼ DIN (88 mm x 88 mm) size panel mount for tubing sizes 1/8” through 1” ID
  • Multiple 4–20 mA analog inputs and outputs


  • Independently controls pressure or flow through TFF modules
  • Integrated solution – single enclosure for valve and control electronics


  • Tangential flow filtration
  • Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Ultra-pure water production
  • Liposome extrusion


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    Malema designs and manufactures flow measurement and control instruments for life sciences applications. Their products are designed for high accuracy, reliability, and repeatability for use with biopharmaceutical media.