HPNE HPConnexx Custom Single-Use Assemblies

Introducing HPConnexx by HPNE: The Ultimate Single-Use Assembly Solution for Biopharmaceuticals

HPConnexx by HPNE is a customisable single-use assembly solution, designed to address the unique requirements of various biopharmaceutical applications and processes. Leveraging its in-depth bioprocessing expertise, HPNE connects top-notch solutions with technical unit operation knowledge, positioning HPConnexx as the premier single-use solution in the market today.

Experience the Advantages of Single-Use Assemblies
Single-use assemblies offer numerous benefits over traditional stainless-steel systems, such as reduced cross-contamination, lower costs, and quicker setup times. HPConnexx takes these advantages to new heights with its unparalleled customisation, enabling the creation of specific assemblies irrespective of brand, company, or part. With no minimum order size and short lead times, HPConnexx delivers unmatched flexibility and responsiveness.

Exceptional Quality and Sterility
HPConnexx is designed and manufactured in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom, guaranteeing top-quality and sterile products. HPNE’s single-use assembly service includes integrity testing and sterility validation, providing customers with confidence that their processes will comply with stringent regulatory standards. At HPNE, quality is the cornerstone of the company’s ethos. They recognise the critical role their solutions play in biopharmaceutical processes and take their responsibility to deliver excellence with utmost seriousness. HPNE’s commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring that every HPConnexx single-use assembly meets the highest industry standards, enabling clients to focus on what matters most: achieving breakthrough results in their biopharmaceutical endeavours.

Engineering Expertise for Process Optimisation
HPNE’s multidisciplinary team of engineers collaborates with clients to optimise their processes, offering a wealth of unique design perspectives and process insights. HPNE’s proficiency is evident in their extensive material compatibility resources and multiple manufacturing locations, mitigating risk and ensuring product consistency.

Trusted by Industry Professionals
Customer testimonials endorse the quality and dependability of HPConnexx as the preferred solution for biopharmaceutical professionals. Choose HPConnexx for unparalleled quality, reliability, and customisation that outperforms the competition.


HPNE’s single-use assembly service includes working with our design team to optimise your processes, including access to our team of engineers with disciplines in chemical, electrical, mechanical, and computer science engineering.
Unlike our competitors, we provide:

  • True customisation – ability to execute a specific assembly regardless of brand, company or part
  • No minimums on order size
  • Short lead times

Our take on this product

Will Thompson
Technical Sales Specialist

Flexible: With HPNE custom assemblies, you can have exactly what you need, to your precise requirements, regardless of component brand, company or part. Available in single quantities, HPNE provide effective solutions with no commitment requires for larger quantities.

Interested: Ensuring you have the correct solution for your process, HPNE’s experts support you from conception to delivery.

Did you know?

HPNE have short lead times, ahead of the game among their competitors.

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    Eliminate your bioprocessing challenges with HPNE comprehensive selection of products. With over 100 combined years of industry experience, HPNE cover a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, and expertise, including engineers, biologists, scientists and product managers. Your research, development, and manufacturing process is unique – the solutions to advance it should be too.


    • Deep knowledge of bioprocessing applications and the ability to provide important feedback to help avoid costly errors
    • Extensive material compatibility resources
    • Construction in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom
    • Multiple manufacturing locations to reduce risk
    • Integrity testing
    • Sterility validation


    If you are interested in completely customised single-use solutions to improve your bioprocess, get in touch with our team today.

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