Green Elephant Biotech CellScrew CS6K

The CellScrew® is a highly efficient cell culture system specifically designed for mass expansion of adherent cells. The system works by rotating the CellScrew®, allowing media and gas to be effortlessly transferred through an Archimedean screw, creating an ideal environment for cell growth. With concentric cylinders forming the large growth area, the surface of the CellScrew® has been carefully treated to ensure optimal cell attachment and growth.

Thanks to its compact design, the CellScrew® is easy to handle and takes up minimal space in your incubator, making it an ideal choice for laboratories with limited bench space. By using the CellScrew®, you can achieve outstanding cell culture results while maximising your available resources.

CellScrew® 6k

Introducing the CellScrew® 6k, a state-of-the-art single-use cell culture device that boasts a growth area of 6,000 cm², making it compatible with a wide range of bottle or tube roller setups. With its specially designed surface, the CellScrew® is ideal for cultivating even the most demanding adherent cell lines, including HEK-293 and MSCs. The CellScrew® is manufactured using an innovative additive process and made entirely from plant-derived PLA, a renewable polymer that reduces its carbon footprint by approximately 90% when compared to traditional single-use cell culture dishes, particularly multi-stack systems.


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    The Green Elephant Biotech CellScrew® products are a novel single-use cell culture device with a high growth area to volume ratio.