Exner EXcell 231 NIR Biomass Sensor

EXcell 231 is a high precision digital NIR-absorbance (optical density) sensor for on-line measurement and monitoring of biomass in the pharma, biotech and food and industries.

Its 12mm stainless steel design and non-wearing sapphire windows make the EXcell 231 a reliable and intelligent sensor with integrated digital amplifier. Different measuring units for absorbance, turbidity and mass like EBC / FAU / mg / l / AU / OD or customer-specific units can be issued.

  • EBC / FAU / mg/l / AU / OD or customer defined units
  • Standardized 12 mm design with integrated amplifier
  • No traditional transmitter necessary
  • Wearless sapphire windows, CIP/SIP suitable
  • Hygienic design, autoclavable
  • Maintenance free due to LED light source
  • Data output directly on PC, Modbus RS485 or 0…20 mA
  • Easy parametrization with EXpert software
  • Usable with retractable holders for automated sensor cleaning


Exner’s single channel OD sensor is perfect for the determination of absorption levels in liquids. The unique composition of the sensor ensures it delivers the highest repeat accuracy making their sensors an extremely valuable addition to your bioprocess control strategy, giving accurate OD readings even at low levels of biomass. User friendly software enables simple configuration possibilities with online data logging – Compatible with traditional glass/stainless steel and single-use vessels.