em-tec BioProTT™ FlowSU System

Introducing the BioProTT™ FlowSU System – an innovative flow measurement system for single-use biopharma applications. The new system features a first-of-its-kind disposable sensor that eliminates the need for calibration and a reusable and easy-to-mount holder profile with integrated electronics.

em-tec BioProTT™ FlowSU Sensor

  • Disposable wetted flow path
  • Includes ceramics for ultrasonic measurement
  • Made of Polycarbonate (LexanTM Resin HPH4404)
  • Gamma-stable
  • No individual calibration required
  • Straight flow path for easy integration
  • No individual calibration needed (no storage or parameters in sensor) -> no individual calibration report 2% of reading between Qmin and Max ± 30ml/min under Min
  • Integrated bubble detection
  • RSS is not forwarded anymore but visible through status codes
  • Gamma sterilisable up to 50kGy
  • USB-C port for cable less connection
  • Maximum working pressure 5.1 bar
  • Sizes available (inner diameter):
    • 1/2″
    • 1/4″
    • 3/4″
    • 3/8″
    • 1″

em-tec BioProTT™ FlowSU System

  • Reusable Holder profile
  • Integrated electronics – no further Transmitter needed
  • For panel mounting
  • Tools and Screwless connection with sensors portion
  • Power over Ethernet and same protocol as FlowMCP
  • Incl. Cleaning Cap

Sean’s take on this product

Sean Doran
Technical Sales Specialist

Effortless: The BioproTT flowmeters by em tec are installed effortlessly while at the same time offering highly precise and recordable flow measurements.

Ecofriendly: The biopharma and biotech industries unfortunately but obligatorily produce a great deal of plastic waste every year due to the necessity of single-use technology in producing safe and clean products. Em tec’s BioproTT system provides a non-invasive solution for flow measurement which avoids product contact and can therefore be multi-use.

Did you know?

Em-tec transducers use transit-time differences of ultrasonic waves to accurately calculate flow without any product contact.

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    More on em-tec

    em-tec has been a specialist for developing and manufacturing of flow measurement devices in the medical and bioprocessing technology sector for over 30 years. The company’s core competence is the non-invasive flow measurement using the ultrasonic transit-time method. The corresponding product portfolio is used for applications in extracorporeal life-sustaining systems as well as in biopharmaceutical systems that incorporate flexible tubes.

    em-tec provide non-invasive flow measurement systems with no product contact for laboratory and industrial bioprocesses.