CerCell CellVessel Small Single Use Bioreactor

Vessel sizes available in 250mL, 500mL and 1L

  • Ideal for batch and fed batch cultivation of various cell lines in suspension
  • Replaces traditional glass/steel stirred tank reactors
  • Advanced agitation system
  • Easily controlled by your existing process control system
  • Advanced single use bioreactors for shear sensitive mammalian, stem cell or insect cell lines in suspension
  • Unique agitation system, compact design and 1:80 scalable platform

More on Cercell

CerCell was founded in 2009 with a cutting-edge, single-use product portfolio for both upstream expression and downstream processing to the pharmaceutical industry. The focus is to supply customers with creativeand innovative single-use products. All CerCell products are designed to easily replace traditional glass/steel (STR) and are compatible with most process control systems.

Emma’s take on this product

Emma Craughan
Head of Sales

Bespoke: Vessels can be selected based on volumes, heights and impellers, even heights of impellers. You can select your sensors, whether they are reusable or single-use. They are completely configurable to your specifications and can be scaled based on the existing systems in your facility.

Specialists in rigid single-use technologies: They know everything about single-use pharmaceutical grade plastics and moulding, to create the perfect vessel to your exact requirement. Focused entirely on rigid single-use bioreactors and fermenters for research and process development, CerCell are experts in their field.

Did you know?

Unlike many competitors, Cercell vessels can be ordered from low numbers, in quantities capable of small scale development.

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    CerCell produce a range of creative and innovative single-use bioreactors and fermenters.