Bio-reflectance sensor

OPTURA SPY brings our contact free readings to a format fit for most transparent surfaces, stick on your SPY adapter and start monitoring cells. The OPTURA SPY can be utilised in all areas from mounted on benchtop reactors to fixed to tubing in recirculation loops or downstream processing, the SPY is truly adaptable and transferable.

OPTURA SPY is a highly flexible, continuous online biomass monitor. Collect real time data with a non-contact sensor, remove the need for sampling and contamination. Apply the SPY vessel adapter to a clear wall, plug in your SPY sensor and start to measure the cells within. You decide how and where to use the SPY sensor, the flexible format makes this sensor suitable for use from the lab right through to GMP manufacturing.

Don’t limit your use to the bioreactor, OPTURA SPY format is perfectly suited to a host of applications from tubing to bench top reactors and bags.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time, online, non-contact cell density readings
  • Broad range of applications
  • Online monitoring in; microreactors AMBR 15 & 250, benchtop reactors, bags, any clear wall up to 4.3mm thick
  • Suitable for use from lab through to GMP application
  • Downstream capabilities on tubing etc
  • Monitor trends of biomass


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Head of Sales

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    ABER’s FUTURA range of biomass measurement and monitoring sensors offers compact, lightweight instrumentation for use on conventional and disposable bioreactors alike.