ABER Futura probes

ABER Instruments has a wide range of probes to suit all applications. They are available in 12mm diameter ideal for small bioreactors and 25mm diameter for larger vessels. All probes are Electro-polished and passivated. Options for USP class VI and FDA CFR21 177 certificates.

Tri clamp probe and probe port adaptors are also available. Please contact us for details.

ABER Futura 12mm probe

ABER Futura 25mm probe

More on ABER

ABER Instruments Ltd was founded in 1988 and since then, has been responsible for setting the benchmark in innovation with the development and commercial application of the radio frequency impedance method for measuring live biomass. As a successful global company, ABER provides thousands of advanced systems for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The Biotech FUTURA range contains compact, lightweight biomass monitoring instrumentation for use on conventional and disposable bioreactors.

Emma’s take on this product

Emma Craughan
Technical Sales Specialist

Accuracy: Aber’s Futura is designed to give an accurate reading of viable biomass using capacitance. Their technology provides the ability for real-time accurate measurement and control of biomass concentration from lab scale all the way up to GMP manufacturing.

Versatility: Aber probes can be used for many applications in the biopharma and biotech spheres, including cell culture, microcarriers, and packed beds as well as microbial, yeast, and mycelial applications. Their plug and play design ensures seamless integration with your pre-existing process equipment.

Did you know?

A number of cGMP bioprocessing facilities have advanced to using capacitance as a direct measurement of cell health, and is their new ‘gold standard’ for process control.

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    ABER’s FUTURA range of biomass measurement and monitoring sensors offers compact, lightweight instrumentation for use on conventional and disposable bioreactors alike.