4BioCell Analyser – Combine

By doubling number of sample arms, this 4BioCell analyser is combines high-throughput application with the small footprint of a benchtop size. It is the perfect solution for laboratories with a large number of daily samples and designed to increase performance in your laboratory.

  • Combining high throughput application with the small footprint of benchtop size
  • Doubling number of sample arms
  • Perfect solution for laboratories with large number of samples
  • Designed to increase performance in your laboratory
Find the perfect analyser for your needs:
Throughput (tests/h)150200300
Reagents cooled (positions)101520
Samples (positions)204646
Size (kg)203855
Dimensions (cm)60x38x4060x62x4962x85x49
CuvettesSemi Disposable CuvettesCuvettes Washing Unit for BIONEX cuvettesCuvettes Washing Unit for BIONEX cuvettes
DilutionRe-run with In-Needle Dilution or Automatic Pre-Dilution, both up to 1:100
PipetteCapacitive Liquid-Level Sensor, Needle Shock Sensor
Barcode ReaderAutomatic Barcode Identification of Sample and Reagent
SoftwareExternal Industrial PC with user-friendly Software
Sample Vol.min.300 ul


4BioCell offers Biochemistry Analysers for easy and fast determination of substrates, metabolites and products in your cell culture and fermentation samples. There are three analysers available offering a range of scales to suit every lab. From entry level to high-throughput, all the analysers have the same high standard of quality. The proven photometric technology offers accuracy, precision and linearity.

With many years of experience in the field of cell counting, 4BioCell launched their own next generation cell counter utilising experience gained from many years of supporting 3rd party cell counters and customer feedback. In addition 4BioCell offer their own line of certified particle solutions for system suitability tests compatible with any cell counting system based on image recognition.