Cell Line Development

“creating a cell line developed from a single cell and therefore consisting of cells with a uniform genetic make-up.”

Our comprehensive range of products will streamline your cell line development processes, giving you increased throughput and quality. We have solutions to help. From single cell deposition using the Single Cell Printer from cytena, cell growth on 3D substrates from Nanofiber Solutions, imaging & monitoring using Synentec’s Cellavista and NyONE through to titer measurement using PAIA’s assay kits, and computer controlled rate freezers from SY-LAB.

Our product knowledge combined with industry insight means we can support you in finding the best solutions, specific to your requirements.

Upstream Processing

“the entire process from early cell isolation and cultivation, to cell banking and culture expansion”

Our wide range of upstream products and instruments enables us to help regardless of whether you are working at ml scale or 2000L+. From deep well plates, through flasks into fully automatic bioreactors, we have a solution that will enable you to expand your cells in the most efficient way. Our range of analytical instruments including Biomass and OD sensors allow for online monitoring of your culture.

Our partners in the area of upstream processing include Aber Instruments, CerCell, Exner, Thomson & Solaris. Working closely with these partners means we have a thorough understanding of how each product can best meet your needs.

Downstream Processing

the recovery and purification of biosynthetic products”.

Our downstream solutions can help with the primary recovery of your biological product. We supply a range of hollow fibre filters from WaterSep for TFF applications and continuous flow centrifuges from CarrCentritech for harvesting fermentation broth or cell cultures.

We understand that the choice of pump used to convey your product between process steps forms a key element in ensuring excellent product quality. Thus, we are delighted to be the UK distributor for Quattroflow pumps.

Through our partner JM Separations we offer a comprehensive range of single use storage and mixing solutions which enable you to harvest, transport & process your biologics at any step.

With the industry increasingly implementing single use processing to reduce both the time to market and the risk of cross contamination, we are pleased to offer disposable options across our entire range of downstream processing equipment, including filters, centrifuges and pumps.