Thomson Ultra Yield Flask - 125mL to 2.5L

  • Enhance the growth of E.Coli as well as other microbial cells
  • Ultra yield flasks can grow cells for a longer time and have better oxygenation than glass flasks
  • They facilitate elevated cell production, increased DNA and protein production
  • Easily adapted into microbial growth protocols and all standard flask clamps
  • Flasks can be supplied with the simple to use AirOtop seals that facilitate optimal gas exchange
  • Designed to be single use, although they are autoclaveable
  • Flasks are scalable from 125mL up to 2.5 litre

Product Numbers

Size Product number
125mL – 50 per case 931147
250mL – 50 per case 931144
500mL – 50 per case 931141
2.5L – 6 per case 931136-B