Solaris Autoclavable Pressure Controlled Benchtop Bioreactors & Fermenters: Venus 2 L

Unique autoclavable pressure controlled fermenters / bioreactors

Currently benchtop autoclavable R&D fermenters on the market are largely if not exclusively working at non-controlled atmospheric pressure. That represents a substantial limitation in terms of Oxygen Transfer for R&D and particularly for future scale-up. Solaris has filled the gap with the launch of VENUS.

  • Up to 24 units managed with one HMI with innovative PARALLEL process control LEONARDO: smart controller designed to provide an high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes
  • Batch, fed batch or continous processes
  • Different gas mixing strategies with up to 5 TMFC
  • 23’’ (single unit) or 27’’ (multi system) multi touch HMI
  • Remote control via PC, tablet and smartphone for process management and after sale assistance
  • Powerful/ Accurate brushless motor, from 1 to 2000 RPM. Online absorbed Torques (Nm) and Power (W) measurements obtaining an indirect density indication of the culture broth
  • Modbus Digital Hamilton sensors
  • Compact and modular PCS (350x350x350 mm)
  • N.4 assignable Watson Marlow pumps, all speed controlled in entry level
  • Fully removable and cleanable glass jacket for an improved heat transfer during autoclaving