PSA - U2k® Single Use Centrifuge

CARR Centritech’s new U2k® from Pneumatic Scale Angelus is the scaled-up version of our successful UniFuge single use centrifuge. It utilizes a gamma irradiated, single-use module that requires NO CIP and NO SIP. All process contact surfaces are supplied as one module and 100% replaceable after each run. U2k modules are readily tube welded to your single-use bioreactor connections (customer-specified single-use connectors available upon request). The U2k is completely automated with flexible cycle parameter entry via touch screen HMI. The feed suspension is gently pumped to the module and the cells settle to the outer radius while the clear supernatant and concentrate are continuously discharged.


  • Maximum flow rate up to 20 l/min* (5 times flow rate of UniFuge)
  • Variable g-force up to 3000 x g*
  • Capability to clarify up to 2000 liters cell cultures in 8 hours or less*
  • Continuous discharge of supernatant and cell culture reduces operation time
  • Low weight of empty separation module after separation
  • Compact footprint and height of centrifuge
  • Easily movable with stainless steel casters
  • Low noise level
  • Optional data acquisition for SCADA System
  • *process dependant