PAIA Antibody Quantification

A portfolio of assay kits for the quantification of antibodies and antibody derived molecules such as fragments and Fc-fusions proteins.

  • Reliable, easy to use solutions to quantify IgG in hundreds to thousands of samples per day without the need to purchase a dedicated instrument
  • Can be easily integrated into automated platforms and measured with Cellavista and NyONE Imagers or with standard fluorescence plate readers
  • Time to result for 1 x 384-well plate or 4 x 96-well plates in 25 minutes or less
  • Parallelisation will allow a 3-4 times increase in throughput, making PAIA systems the fastest on the market
  • Small sample volume required (less than 10µL per well)
  • No need for sensor regeneration when using single-use PAIA plates

More on PAIA

PAIA Biotech has developed a high throughput platform technology for the quantification and glycan analysis of antibodies and proteins. Their proprietary based technology features bead-based immunoassays with fluorescence detection in specially designed 384-well microplates which drastically simplify the workflow. PAIA Biotech focuses on products for screening applications with limited sample volume and high throughput requirements, for example, IgG quantification. PAIA Biotech GmbH also offers custom assay development. PAIA Biotech GmbH was founded in 2014 and is based in Cologne.

Ellen’s take on this product


Ellen Harrington
Technical Sales Specialist

Fast and Reliable: PAIA Biotech have developed high throughput, plate-based assay kits for fast and reliable titer measurements in supernatants. These assays require very little sample (~5µL) and are automation ready for liquid handling platforms, saving product and time.

Bespoke functionality: PAIA’s patented technology streamlines bead-based assays by eliminating several typical assay steps with specially designed PAIA microplates. Instead of detecting the amount of fluorescence bound to the beads which requires separation and washing, the PAIA plate allows direct measurement of the fluorescence of the free reagent that has not bound to the beads, which can be inversely calculated to produce quantitative measurements.

Did you know?

The PAIA assays can be quickly and easily measured using SYNENTEC’s NyONE and Cellavista imagers.

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    High throughput platform technology for the quantification and glycan analysis of antibodies and proteins.