Nanofiber 6 well IMEMS

6 well IMEMS multi-culture micro-environment

  • Three nanofiber layers for cell cultivation
  • Available in three orientations
    • NanoAligned – aligned fibre matrix – mimics white matter of the brain
    • NanoECM – random orientation – mimics native decellularized tissue
    • NanoHep – increases viability and enzyme expression for hepatocytes
  • Allows co-culture of several different cell types for enhanced interaction and cellular response
  • Cells have chemical communication, but not physical contact which allows easy post-analysis of each cell type
  • Each layer within the IMEMS allows for high-resolution imaging of the cells after the culture period

Product Numbers

Product                                  NanoECM                NanoAligned                NanoHep
6 Well IMEMS                           IMEM01                       IMEM02                     IMEM01N(6 IMEMS per pack)


Nanofiber Solutions

Nanofiber Solutions designs and manufactures complex three-dimensional (3D) structures. Their platform technology mimics the extracellular matrix found within the body, providing a realistic environment for all types of cells whether in the body or on a lab bench. Their fibre products are patent pending and are ideal for use in high throughput cell culture, cancer research, stem cell and regenerative medicine. In addition to their range of standard products, Nanofiber Solutions can also design custom scaffolds for large bioreactors and in vivo tissue engineering applications.