HPNE ClearMixx Single-Use Mixing System

A new and innovative single-use mixing system that utilises a low-sheer Quattroflow pump, allowing the user to create a uniform, completely homogenous mixture.

The ClearMixx single-use mixing system has an inlet and outlet port which are both connected to a Quattroflow pump. Through the outlet port, the media is be pumped out of the bag, circulated through the pump (and other possible post-mixing processes), and is then pumped back into the bag through a machined flow path with a smooth fluid stream.

Features & Benefits

  • Performs liquid/liquid and powder/liquid mixing
  • Dispersion plate designed to efficiently mix the most challenging buffer, media, and biopharmaceutical ingredients
  • No shaft, seals, or bearings inside the single-use mixer system, allowing for low mechanical shear
  • Cuboid shape improves mixing efficiency and is scalable from 50L to 500L
  • Flexible working range from 20% of nominal bag size
  • Mixer base is tapered to allow complete draining of fluid
  • Capable of local or remote operation via the touchscreen PLC
  • Sight glasses on three sides enable the user to visually control the mixing process
  • Simultaneously mix and run a unit of operation
  • Unique cube shaped bag
  • Open architecture
  • Produces a completely homogenous mixture
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Available in custom sizes

Customisable features

  • Integrated load cells on custom carts
  • Integration of any sensor that provides, 4-20mA, RE-232
  • Built-in level sensors and conductivity sensors

In combination with a feed pump, the ClearMixx system becomes a multi-purpose system for

  • Mixing solutions by recirculation without rotating wetted parts in the bag
  • Post-mixing processes like sterile filtration, TFF and chromatography can be run simultaneously
  • Optional integration of in-line sensors (flow, pH, conductivity, temperature, UV) and level sensors
  • Optional auto dosing pump based on conductivity set point


High Purity New England supplies and manufactures single-use assembly products, connectors, tubing and components.


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