Exner EXcell 230 NIR Biomass Sensor

  • Standardised 12mm hygienic design measuring OD in biotech, food and pharma applications for both laboratories and industrial production processes
  • A high precision digital NIR-absorbance sensor
  • Easily integrated into most bioreactors
  • Reliable, robust, cost efficient and unique measuring device
  • Made of stainless steel with wearless sapphire windows
  • LED technology and integrated digital amplifier
  • Different measuring units for absorbance, turbidity and mass like AU / OD / FAU / EBC or mg/l can be displayed
  • The EXpert software allows a comfortable and easy sensor configuration
  • Measuring values displayed user friendly graphics interface and can be stored and exported
  • Different communication interfaces for USB, RS485 Modbus or for 0…20mA current output available
  • No traditional transmitter necessary


Exner’s single channel OD sensor is perfect for the determination of absorption levels in liquids. The unique composition of the sensor ensures it delivers the highest repeat accuracy making their sensors an extremely valuable addition to your bioprocess control strategy, giving accurate OD readings even at low levels of biomass. User friendly software enables simple configuration possibilities with online data logging – Compatible with traditional glass/stainless steel and single-use vessels.