The f.sight ® TM prints unlabelled and fluorescent cells with the highest efficiency. The novel dual camera system allows you to capture bright field and fluorescence information simultaneously at full resolution.

Both cameras can be controlled independently and the built-in powerful laser is freely adjustable. Together, their high dynamic range allows you to visualize even the weakest fluorophores. Sort cells by fluorescence intensity and morphological criteria into a variety of substrates.

Use your standard dyes like FITC, Calcein, CellTracker Green, GFP and others. Thanks to the non-transparent lid, your dyes and cells are ideally protected from ambient light during the process.

cytena's all new software is fast and intuitive.

Design your individual fluorescence experiments within minutes. Full-resolution bright field and fluorescence images separately plus an overlay image are all recorded and saved for future analysis and for assurance of clonality.