The proven and reliable single-cell printing technology in a new guise. More compact, faster, easier to use and continuously providing all of the benefits:

  • Assurance of clonality
  • High cell viability and high grow rate
  • No cross-contamination

The c.sight is tailored to meet the specific requirements of both, cell line development and single-cell genomics.

  • High efficiencies
  • Fast plate processing
  • Reliable image
  • Data storage
  • Assurance of clonality

The embedded ionizer efficiently removes electrostatic charge from your 96 or 384 well plates. The 96 and 384 PCR well plates can be applied and together with the plate chiller your reagents will remain at the required temperatures for your reagents during the deposition of the single cells. The fully automatic drop positioning ensures that every cell is deposited with millimetre precision. This enables minimal quantities of pre-stored medium, which is ideal for low-volume assays and single-cell genomics.

Thanks to its new design, the c.sight can now be operated outside of a sterile bench. The hatch with lid protects your sample and your substrate during the process from environmental influences.

The c.sight comes with cytena's new software which is easy and intuitive to use. The interactive well-plate allows you to freely define your experiment. Save and load templates and experiments directly from the start screen, so running your experiment is simply one click away.