CYTENA B.SIGHT Single Cell Printer

For the first time, print bacteria using proven single-cell printing technology. With the B.SIGHT, CYTENA enable prokaryotic cell isolation in the sub-micron range.

  • The extremely high-resolution optics with inline illumination makes the smallest cells visible
  • No staining and no labelling required to isolate single-bacteria
  • A new dimension of cells also requires a new dimension of dosing chips
  • With cytena’s new cartridges for bacteria printing, even smaller droplets are produced for stable and accurate bacteria encapsulation
  • cytena’s all new software is easy and intuitive to use

Use the interactive well-plate to design your own individual bacteria printing experiment and visualise in real-time how the single-bacteria are sorted in the cartridge and printed in your 96 or 384 well plate. Images of the single-bacteria printing are stored on the hard drive enabling assurance of clonality.


More on CYTENA

CYTENA is the leader in single-cell printing. Their patented, single cell printing technology enables fully automated isolation of single cells, with user friendly software with multiple applications including cell line development, single cell genomics and R&D. The cytena single cell printer (SCP) technology presents, for the first time, documented proof of clonality and provides efficient and fast single cell seeding combined with excellent cell viability.

Ellen’s take on this product


Ellen Harrington
Technical Sales Specialist

Uncomplicated: This range of single cell printers (C.SIGHT, F.SIGHT, B.SIGHT and UP.SIGHT) feature CYTENA’s patented single cell dispensing technology which quickly and efficiently deposits single cells while discarding droplets with zero or multiple cells. This method of discarding unsuitable droplets prior to dispensing allows for substantial time savings and higher probability of single cells, while saving plate space.

Thorough: Nozzle images taken at the time of dispensing provide proof of clonality. For double assurance of clonality, the UP.SIGHT was developed which combines CYTENA’s trusted dispensing technology with a high quality imaging system to provide 3D full well imaging. The UP.SIGHT’s extra assurance of clonality is beneficial for meeting regulatory requirements and also allows for subsequent monitoring of colony outgrowth.

Did you know?

C.BIRD – for cell lines that require suspension mixing, the C.BIRD microbioreactor replaced the traditional static growth stages with a mixed environment for optimum cell quality and product yield.

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    • Single-bacteria isolation from suspension samples by bright field imaging
    • No cross-contamination by disposable cartridge
    • Can be operated under anaerobic conditions


    • High-resolution objective and special cartridge enable sorting of bacteria at the sub-micrometer scale
    • Integrated plate deionizer eliminates electro-static charge

    Start sorting right away

    Isolation is fairly simple with our disposable cartridge. Pipette your sample into its reservoir and mount the cartridge to the B.SIGHT. A new dimension of cells also requires a new dimension of dosing chips. With our new cartridges for bacteria dispensing, even smaller droplets are produced for stable and accurate bacteria encapsulation.

    CYTENA is the leader in single-cell printing.