cytena b.sight

For the first time, print bacteria using proven single-cell printing technology. With the b.sight ® cytena enable prokaryotic cell isolation in the sub-micron range.

  • The extremely high-resolution optics with inline illumination makes the smallest cells visible
  • No staining and no labelling required to isolate single-bacteria
  • A new dimension of cells also requires a new dimension of dosing chips
  • With cytena’s new cartridges for bacteria printing, even smaller droplets are produced for stable and accurate bacteria encapsulation
  • cytena’s all new software is easy and intuitive to use

Use the interactive well-plate to design your own individual bacteria printing experiment and visualise in real-time how the single-bacteria are sorted in the cartridge and printed in your 96 or 384 well plate. Images of the single-bacteria printing are stored on the hard drive enabling assurance of clonality.


cytena is the leader in single-cell printing. Their patented, single cell printing technology enables fully automated isolation of single cells, with user friendly software with multiple applications including cell line development, single cell genomics and R&D. The cytena single cell printer (SCP) technology presents, for the first time, documented proof of clonality and provides efficient and fast single cell seeding combined with excellent cell viability.