Cytena Bioprocess Solutions have recently launched their next generation microbioreactor, the S.NEST. This exceptional instrument features a patented mixing technology which creates an optimal suspension culture environment, as well as real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen, four individually controlled incubation chambers and sophisticated analytical software. As the sole UK distributor, BPES look forward to working with our customers to implement this state-of-the-art technology into their CLD and bioprocessing workflows. 

The S.NEST is unique in that it provides a microscale environment for cell growth while allowing sensing throughout the entire cell culture process, thus accelerating early stage cell line development. Customisable mixing allows the user to create multiple culture conditions, and evaporation is minimised with the innovative condensing design. Capable of culturing four 24-well or 96-well plates at once, this revolutionary microbioreactor currently offers the highest throughput at the smallest scale on the market.

Ellen Harrington, Technical Sales Specialist at BPES says

“The S.NEST combines innovation and efficiency, creating a logical bridge between early-stage cell line development and upstream bioprocessing. With the elegant usability that cytena is known for, this instrument is a great way to elevate your CLD workflow.”

Mandy Wang, Product Manager at cytena Bioproccess Solutions also comments that

“The S.NEST microbioreactor, a revolution for cell line development, optimizes high-throughput cell culturing with customizable mixing levels, innovative features for minimizing the impact of evaporation, and real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen levels. The game changer you’ve been waiting for is here!”

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